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G.E.M. CLASS Founder, Aaron Ruggles, has become a nationally recognized professional in the scouting industry. As a player, coach, and scout - he has seen the evolution of the game from all angles.

Coach Ruggles grew up on the outskirts of Richmond, VA. He was a four-year varsity starter in high school. He received multiple offers to play at the collegiate level, but took a full academic scholarship to a larger, local school instead. He received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Old Dominion University. While there, he had an internship with a FBS coaching staff where he worked for two years. Coach Ruggles has been a NCAA compliant scout for the past six years and has helped over 600 student athletes receive scholarships to play collegiate football.

We Support Student Athletes

The reason G.E.M. Class was founded was to create a platform that emphasized really being there for student athletes and their families. Our scouts are professionals who have been around the industry and know how to handle any of the circumstances that you may feel like are holding you back. G.E.M. Class scouts are continuously tested with NCAA compliancy and recruiting exams to make sure they are at their best for you and your family. When you combine our professional staff with the most cutting-edge recruiting software on the market, we tailor a specialized game plan that is customized for each student athlete, individually, who is looking for help when it comes to your recruiting process. We simply identify student athletes who truly have a chance to play at the next level, and then provide them with the most opportunities to do so. We are committed to delivering each person with a unique experience that produces results.

Hudson Wilharm Top 400
RJ Green Senior Highlihts
Malakai Hill Top 400
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